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Original Etchings by Joan Hodgkiss

Joan Hodgkiss is a Suffolk-based printmaker and artist. Her etchings are largely derived from imagery of coastal landscapes, still life and natural history.

Using traditional techniques Joan creates contemporary etchings. Subtle differences in the hand-colouring and hand-printing process make each print unique. These limited edition, signed prints give one a chance to own original artwork or make an ideal gift.

All of Joan’s current artwork is showcased in the gallery section. This website also contains details on etching techniques and background information on the artist herself.

Latest Prints - Winter

sea shells etching

Windpump, Walberswick Marsh

My latest etchings Windpump, Walberswick Marsh and Windpump, River Blyth both feature windpumps within a few miles of Southwold. These landmarks reflect a bygone era when their sails would pump water from the marsh land.

What Are Etchings?

Etching is an intaglio technique dating back to the sixteenth century in which acids are used to produce an incised art image on a metal printing plate. First a copper or zinc plate is covered in acid-resistant wax known as a ground. The artist draws through this ground, exposing the metal. The plate is then immersed in acid, which eats into the plate. Varying the exposure can create different intensities of line. Ink is then applied to the plate and the excess removed. Finally prints are made by passing the plate and paper through a press with great pressure to transfer the ink from the sunken lines. See methods for more details.

Artists such as Rembrandt, Renoir, Picasso, Degas, Toulouse Lautrec, and Whistler have all produced etchings.

Latest Prints - Autumn

autumn berries

Hedgerow Fruits

High Summer and Hedgerow Fruits are my latest etchings based on the changing seasons. Both combine line etching and water colour tints.

Etchings for Sale

Original etchings by Joan Hodgkiss are available for sale from just £20 including free UK delivery. Buying directly from the artist offers significant savings because, unlike a conventional art gallery, there is no mark-up in price.

Latest Prints - Spring

yellow iris etching

Yellow Iris    

Banded Damoiselle and Yellow Iris are new editions to my natural history series in which I combine line etching and water colour tints.

Original Prints

All of Joan's prints are original in that each one is a hand-coloured and hand-printed impression of an original design. Joan generally produces 100 such impressions, called an edition, from each of her designs. Each is unique and each is signed and numbered. Thus the 12th print of an edition of 100 will be numbered 12/100 at the bottom left hand side of the image.

Prints produced in this way should not be confused with mass produced art prints or giclees, which, although often signed by the artist and sold as a limited edition are all identical copies and should never be sold as 'original' prints. Genuine etchings will always have an indentation in the paper left by the edges of the plate.

Latest Prints - Spring

goldcrest etching


Goldcrest and Goldeneye are two new birds to add to my natural history series. These combine line etching, watercolour tints and a touch of gold leaf to reflect their names.


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